Financialization - your number has been called.

In this great video from Labour Party advisor and author Grace Blakeley, she discusses how financialization of first corporations, then households and then the state has lead to the circumstances under which Neo-Liberals thrive and their agenda seems necessary. Using extracts from her book - Stolen: How to Save the world from Financialization, she describes how social democracy (What we here at Prout would term Economic Democracy) can help the people regain a sense of control over their economic fortunes and the economic fortunes of their country. Definitely worth a watch, and if her book is anything as good as her rhetoric in front of the camera, Grace stands to be a major influencer in the fight against Neo-Liberal self-interests.


Prout's perspective - we need to abolish the stock market system, sooner rather than later. It is holding back human progress and causing greater disparity of wealth and exploitation of the poor by the rich. This is not to say that investment should be thrown out with the bathwater. Investment into companies should not be anonymous and should be local as far as possible, where the investor has a real stake in the success of the project they are investing in, beyond profit. The stock exchange has become a glorified betting shop, where fewer people arer rewarded for taking greater risks, and always, the underlying mental corrosive force of "Get Rich Quick" stealing away the pundits humanity.