Basic Fundamentals of Prout

5 Principles of Prout

PROUT is a theory - a Progressive Utilisation Theory. It is a set of principles that can be applied to different places and people at different times. The application of these principles can deeply improve the socio-economic policies and well-being of different nations. These underlying principles are:-

  1. Limit Individual Wealth Accumulation - No individual should be allowed to accumulate any physical wealth without the clear permission or approval of the collective body.
  2. Proper Use and Distribution of Resources - here should be maximum utilisation and rational distribution of all mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.
  3. Proper Use of Human Resources - There should be maximum utilisation of physical, metaphysical and spiritual potentialities of unit and collective bodies of human society.
  4. Sustainable Balance Between Resource Usage - There should be a proper adjustment amongst these physical, metaphysical, mundane, supramundane and spiritual utilisations.
  5. Progressive Adjustment with a Changing World - The method of utilisation should vary in accordance with changes in time, space and person, and the utilization should be of progressive nature.

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