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Absolute Veganism vs Progressive Ahimsa

What is the difference between an absolutist ideology like Veganism and the progressive implementation of a value like Ahimsa? Lets start with the Sanskrit word Ahimsa - meaning without harm A-himsa where Himsa means to strike in sanskrit. However, Ahimsa is a value whose spirit is not absolutist, but rather means do as little harm as possible. Jain monks have tried to adopt this value in an absolutist way and will walk down the road with a brush, brushing insects out of their path lest they tread on them and kill them.

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5 Flaws of Communism

Prout recognises the great contribution of Karl Marx to the world of politics and economics - there are a large number of things that are good and progressive regards communism, not least that it helps society to move forwards together and not leave anyone behind. However, Communism as a theory is fatally flawed, and so, it can actually be damaging to society in its implementation. Here are five flaws that Prout sees in Communism:-

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Democracy Has Become the Tool by which the Oligarchs Maintain Power

Have a gander at this short video from Guardian Author and guardian of Democracy, George Monbiot. In it, he explains how the apparently suprising results in global elections which are assumed to be democratic, are in fact being controlled by a few oligarchs who hold the invisible strings of global power.

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A Radical PROUT Brexit

I have seen a lot of comments saying that Brexit is the issue that broke Labour's back in the last general election, however, I believe the real issue was Labour's inability to come up with a radical Brexit policy. Their manifesto beautifully dealt with the old issues - NHS, education etc etc, but nothing to add really to the Brexit debate. If all those Labour voters in the North who voted for Brexit and did not want another referendum, had a radical Brexit to back - things may have looked a little different for Labour right now. But what would a radical Brexit look like?


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